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How to export files from Blogger

 Moving from Blogger to WordPress

One of the main reasons why many bloggers are stuck with BlogSpot is that they simply don’t know how to move their data into WordPress. Users that started with Blogger can import their blogging information into their WordPress software using the ‘import’ option from the WordPress database. It allows users to import blog information from various blogging sites like Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal and even WordPress.

Now, for a user with a new Blogger blog with few posts and daily traffic below 25-30 it is recommended that he/she simply delete the Blogger blog and start fresh on WordPress platform. Many users who move their blog from Blogger to WordPress however, prefer to have the entire data on their Blogger account imported into their WordPress one.

The process of migrating your posts, comments and users into WordPress is very easy.  This is because WordPress offers an inbuilt Blogger importing feature. By using these Blogger export and WordPress import features the task of migrating the data becomes very easy.

How to export files from Blogger

Google’s Blogger software allows its users to export blogs into XML files. In order to do so the following steps are to be followed:
      Step 1: Log into the required blog in Blogger.
      Step 2: Click Settings menu in the left.
      Step 3: Scroll down and click on Other at the bottom of the list.
      Step 4: The Import and backup window opens. Click on Backup & Content.
      Step 5: Select and name (according to need) the XML file and click on Save to your computer to complete the export.

Guide to Import Blogger into WordPress

      Step 1: Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
      Step 2: Navigate Tools > Import.
      Step 3: On the list of sites, select Blogger.
      Step 4: Under Blogger, click on Install now.
      Step 5: A confirmation screen pops up showing that Blogger import has installed okay. Click on Run Importer.
      Step 6: Next, a screen titled Import Blogger is seen. Click on Choose file to select the exported Blogger file. The process of exporting a Blogger file is shown later-on.
      Step 7: Next, click on Upload and import. This processes the XML file exported from Blogger (the process is shown later-on).
      Step 8: After the import takes place, an author to the posts is required to be assigned. It can either be imported from the Blogger site, or an existing one from within the WordPress installation can be chosen. Click Submit to assign an author.

On successful assignment of an author a screen saying “All done” is seen. All Blogger posts will be imported into the WordPress platform. However, be sure to check the posts as any image in the content may not be imported.

Congratulations you have successfully imported your Blogger data into your WordPress platform. Hope this was on par with your requirements. Have a nice day.

by WP-CLI Contributor cloudhostworld.

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