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All you need to know before you start freelancing

All you need to know before you start freelancing

A survey reveals one third of the total workforce is widely adopting independent jobs instead of traditional full time jobs. This independent work culture, often known as freelancing, is making a huge share in some leading economies like US, India, UK and Australia. US economy, at the moment, is on top of all other freelance economies, making $1 trillion annually. India is the second largest economy, filling upto 40% freelancing market. This is what Forbes says. Check more stats about freelancing, one more worth reading.

Where to start from?

Success in initial days always depends on the dedication and patience you got. The first step to start freelancing is identifying your skills. There are infinite jobs for freelancers online and offline as well. Most beginners wouldn’t be aware about their exact skillset, surfing through these jobs lets you identify the best suitable projects for you. Even bigger fact is you will end up finding your passion surfing through these jobs, there is always the one project that makes you crave.

Start with making a good profile here. Before you create a profile, it is advisable to decide what type of jobs you would be willing to take. To know more check this article.
How far you go, depends on how good you are in representing yourself. Upcoming articles will help you to setup a good profile, good way to approach clients, managing your work and thus the successful freelancing career.