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SEO Tips What is Organic Traffic?

What is Organic Traffic?

    In simple Other than direct traffics are called Organic traffic. Organic traffic is Essential for website that need to be run in top of the google.  Link from other website to source website is called Organic traffic. If you want to Improve organic traffic create link from most relevant website like yours. Monitor good and bad links. Content should be optimised based on your keywords. Research good keyword.
Blogging is very good for organic traffic. without good content blogging is seriously not good. It gives negative output sometimes. So blogging for organic traffic with good content.
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Osclass Mail Server Problems and solutions

1. User activation Mail Not send?

  In OSClass you need to configure mail server in osclass admin panel.

you can configure either your own localhost server or gmail server.

I) First locahost server?

   Server   :  Localhost   Email From :   Port              : 25 for SMTP   user name  :yyyyy   password : your email id password

II) Gmail server configuration?

   Email From :   Port              : 25 for SMTP   user name  :yyyyy   password : your email id password

Note :  If you use subdomain make sure your email id should be main domain